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Today’s world is highly connected and highly integrated thanks to the advent of the Internet and pervasive wireless communication technologies. Yet many organisations fail to secure their control and data systems even as they are increasingly being connected across unsecured networks and devices. At D’Crypt, we help our customers secure their digital assets with highly secure and proven security technology.

We bring a select multidisciplinary team of highly experienced engineers and scientists to work with our customers in addressing challenging, next-generation cryptographic issues. We help our customers to constantly achieve product excellence by supplying them with best of breed technology. In so doing, our customers’ products enjoy sustainable distinct competitive advantages in their respective markets.

We work very closely with our customers to ensure smooth and optimized integration of our technology into their products and services, ensuring that all issues are resolved in the shortest possible time.

We are always listening to our customers, often working closely with them to derive products that solve end users’ specific problems, allowing them to constantly delight their customers.


D’Crypt believes that Personalised Security is the wave of the future. In a highly connected world brought about by Internet and advanced wireless telecommunications technology, sensitive information and/or transactions that are stored on magnetic media or are transmitted over an open communications channel have become high valued assets that need to be protected from the unscrupulous. By “Security”, we refer to the protection of such assets, and transactional activities around those assets, securely through means that are commensurate with the value of the asset to be protected. In “Personalised” security, the protection afforded is unique to the individual and yet convenient for his use in a borderless world, even when he is highly mobile, thereby ensuring peace of mind at all times without the hassle.


D’Crypt aims to fully harness, and correctly focus, the multidisciplinary technological expertise within the organization on the design and development of various security systems, products and services relating to IT, telecommunications and computers.

D’Crypt specialises in developing and supplying data security products and components that:

  • are usually not already available, thereby contributing to the advancement of technology.
  • have immediate practical uses in the industry, thereby contributing to the constant stream of new and innovative products, being generated by our customers.
  • are always easy to understand, use or design into larger systems, thereby shortening the time to market, and increasing the return on investment, for our customers. D’Crypt’s customers are able to build very successful products by integrating D’Crypt’s components into their end systems, or building applications on top of some of D’Crypt’s products.


Operating Office: 30 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, Singapore 573953, Republic of Singapore. Tel: +65 69331800, Fax: +65 66845142

Corporate Office: 28 Sin Ming Lane, #06-133 Midview City, Singapore 573972, Republic of Singapore. Tel: +65 69331800, Fax: +65 66845142

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