Founded in 2000, we have since been developing high security assurance technologies and products for the most discerning of local and overseas customers. Our multidisciplinary team spans the entire spectrum of skills, including electronics, mechanical engineering, and materials, O/S and real-time embedded systems development, and mathematics and security protocols. As a member of our team, you will experience the full product development lifecycle.

We have the following openings for skilled, motivated individuals to join our unique development team.



The Engineering Division designs cutting-edge products to meet our customers’ unique security needs.

We integrate knowledge from various fields to deliver full-spectrum, full-featured solutions. We pride ourselves in devising solutions that are novel and secure.

We listen attentively to our customers so that we develop products that truly solve their problems.

We work closely with them to integrate our solutions into their systems so that their security needs are met as quickly as possible.

Our aim — to give customers complete peace of mind.

ASIC/FPGA Designer

You are our digital circuits professional. You will design and implement high-performance digital circuits on FPGA or ASIC. Starting from system specifications, you will perform front-end design tasks such as RTL coding, verification, synthesis, and timing analysis. For ASIC, familiarity with back-end tasks such as floor-planning, routing, and physical verification will be useful. After the prototype chip is fabricated, you will test it and follow it through to volume production.

Software Engineer

You are our embedded software architect. You will develop real-time, embedded software of high quality and reliability. You will also participate in the testing of software at the modular level and as an entire system. You must have interest in software/firmware development on real-time embedded systems. You should be conversant in the C programming language and be familiar with operating systems such as Linux, and micro-controller and microprocessor architecture.

Hardware Engineer

You are our hardware creator. You will work with our design team to build high-security products around high-performance digital and analog circuits. You will also be involved in test jig development, product testing, and documentation. You will work with high-speed circuits built on multi-layer PCBs. Experience in embedded hardware development using ARM or equivalent processing cores will be useful.

Test & Support Engineer

You are our validator. You will ensure that our software and/or hardware products meet their specifications by working closely with designers in the preparation of test plans and work instructions. If the product behaves unexpectedly, you will analyse and troubleshoot the failures. As our products are highly secure and deeply embedeed, you will find yourself often challenged to work in situations with minimal observability and control. As products move into their respective production phases, you will need to excercise creativity in order to develop production test jigs and software.



We build products of exceptional quality.

A perfect plan, when poorly executed, remains deficient. The same applies to product designs that are not implemented well.

Product quality and reliability are essential in what we do. We build products of the highest quality, so that they can serve our customers reliably.

When issues arise, we deal with them promptly and professionally.

We provide comprehensive technical support to our customers, keeping their systems running 24/7, to protect what is important to them.

Quality Engineer

You are our guardian for product quality. You manage activities for incoming, in-process, and outgoing quality control and inspection. You will conduct periodic audits and manage our suppliers and contact manufacturers’ quality performances.

When customers report quality issues, you will engage them and resolve the issues. To reduce field returns, you will analyze trend data and work with our engineers to devise appropriate corrective/preventive measures.

Operations Engineer

You are our production process custodian. You are responsible for projects transferred from development to production, ensuring that all documents and procedures are in place to support repeat sales.

You will manage day-to-day operational aspects of production, supplier/customer management, maintenance, and ad-hoc repairs. You need to identify operational priorities by assessing operational objectives, such as productivity, efficiency, operators’ training, safety, and product quality.


Xeroday Labs

We hunt vulnerabilities and develop proof-of-concept exploits in software.

Binary applications, mobile applications, operating systems, it’s all fair game.

We do this to ensure our customers are well-protected against such threats.

In our work, we apply our skills in reverse engineering and our desire to discover the unknown diligently and creatively.

The targets continually evolve, always finding new ways to defend themselves. This is what makes our work challenging and exciting.

Security Researcher

You are our Quidditch Seeker. You will perform vulnerability discovery and proof-of-concept exploitation for those vulnerabilities. You should have experience, or at least interest, in the art of reverse engineering, and a passion for finding bugs in other people’s code.

You need to be comfortable with assembly language, machine architecture, and operating system internals, and you should love writing up small tools to quickly test a theory, or perform something that you have discovered.


You are our master craftsman. You will create the tools used by your team-mates in security research. Your tools provide the frameworks and environments to help them solve problems that would otherwise be too difficult, or too obfuscated to solve.

You will work in a dynamic environment filled with different requests of varying natures. And as the toolmaster, you will be empowered and responsible for deciding what is best done first, and how.


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