Cryptographic Modules

D’Crypt has a collection of cryptographic cores which form the foundation of many of our products. These cores make it possible to have a trusted and secure execution environment even in the face of harsh environments and physical attacks.


d’Cryptor QE Core

The d’Cryptor QE is a high-performance cryptographic module designed for applications requiring high security assurance. The QE is D’Crypt’s first generation cryptographic core certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

Built around a 32-bit processor with up to 8MB of Flash memory and up to 1 MB of SRAM, the QE accepts a signed external application. The QE provides the application with cryptographic and key management services. All keys and cryptographic processing are isolated from the application and are accessible only through an Application Programmer Interface (API). QE’s secure micro-O/S, developed by D’Crypt, enforces this isolation through disjoint partitioning of memory spaces, ensuring that the potentially untrusted application is prevented from accessing other memory partitions to pick out key material or other cryptographic security parameters.

Information on the d’Cryptor QE’s FIPS 140-2 certification may be found on this NIST webpage. (Certificate number 465)


d’Cryptor ZE Core

The d’Cryptor ZE core is a micro-token which serves as a secure co-processor providing cryptographic services, key management, and secure key storage. Certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3, it is targeted at high security embedded applications and incorporates a 100MHz ARM core with 1MB of non-volatile memory and interfaces to ISO14443A/B and ISO18092 contactless smart cards, ISO7816 contact smartcards, UARTs, Synchronous Serial Ports (SPI), infrared, and GPIOs. 

Designed for automotive environments, the d’Cryptor ZE has been specifically hardened against harsh temperatures, vibration, shock, humidity and is immune against a wide range of electromagnetic emissions.

D’Crypt also offers a Software Development Kit and customization services for this module.

Information on the d’Cryptor ZE’s FIPS 140-2 certification may be found on the NIST webpage for certificate number 637 and certificate number 716.


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