IP Cores

D’Crypt is a member of Altera’s Megafunction Partner Program (AMPP), We offer these IP cores optimized for Altera Programmable Logic Devices. Our cores are designed with ease of integration in mind. They are also best suited for integration into security-enabled network equipment that are required to support a huge amount of computationally intensive encryption and decryption functions, or for embedding into secure storage device controllers, allowing the encryption and/or decryption operations to be transparent to the users. High security at no loss of system performance – that’s what you can achieve today, simply by embedding our core into your designs.


AES Cores

Our silicon intellectual property (IP) cores implement the widely used Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

These cores sustain fiber(wire) speed encryption and decryption at rates in excess of 2.55Gbit/s. They are also key-agile and can switch encryption keys without any performance penalty. This allows their use in environments where physical bandwidth is shared among many logical channels, each secured separately.

With their high bandwidth, our IP cores are able to secure RAID arrays and Storage Area Networks (SANs).

We have several versions of these cores. Contact us to find out which core is most suitable for your needs.

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