Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesThe Electronic Road Pricing system in Singapore was adopted to manage traffic through road pricing. D’Crypt is proud to partner Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in developing technology which secures this open road tolling system in Singapore.
partner_img2In August 2005, D’Crypt incorporated a associate company, Nuovowave Pte Ltd. Nuovowave will focus on marketing and sales of standard reader products and payment terminals that are built from D’Crypt’s cryptographic cores.
partner_img1D’Crypt and MSI Global Pte Ltd have entered into a Co-operation Agreement on 10th October 2005 to co-operate in the design, development and supply of universal payment terminal solution for contactless payment of transit and non-transit applications.
partner_img3D’Crypt is a member of the Altera Megafunction Partner Program (AMPP). Through AMPP, we offer a series of intellectual property (IP) cores that is optimized for Altera devices. These hardware-optimized cores are faster than our generic implementations, and available via Altera’s AMPP website. Currently available cores are capable of performing high speed key agile encryption and decryption based on the AES algorithm.


Operating Office: 30 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, Singapore 573953, Republic of Singapore. Tel: +65 69331800, Fax: +65 66845142

Corporate Office: 28 Sin Ming Lane, #06-133 Midview City, Singapore 573972, Republic of Singapore. Tel: +65 69331800, Fax: +65 66845142

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