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D’Crypt is a high-value design and development house. We work with our customers to deliver cryptographic technology and components that become an integral part of our customer's information security appliances, systems, and applications.

With our extensive technology development program, we pride ourselves with being able to supply a variety of different technologies in the field of information security that have immediate practical use, and are full system secure.

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Protecting your high value digital assets

In today's high-tech world, your digital assets are just as important as your physical assets. Talk to us to find out how we can help you secure your precious digital assets and systems.

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17 Jul 2020 – New Contact Tracing Device and Check-in System on Trial at Worksite.

See The Straits Times’ coverage of our BluePass system for contact tracing.

As a true-blue Singapore company, D’Crypt wants to help the country boost its Covid-19 contact tracing capabilities, allowing people to get Back to Work, Back to School, and Back to Travel. Our new ready-to-interoperate BluePass and BlueGate solutions have been created to do just that.

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