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Join us because you want to be part of something bigger and beyond our offer of a competitive salary and benefits package.

In D’Crypt, we not only have a strong company vision, but we are also part of that vision. This connection with something bigger, imbues us with a profound sense of mission and fulfilment.


D’Crypt is motivated by the reality that talents always strive to be part of a legacy, and that is essentially to contribute to a product or service that significantly changes an industry or mass behavioural patterns. Acknowledging this trend, D’Crypt embraces an organizational culture which seeks to deeply engage its internal stakeholders, demonstrating a strong duty of care that far exceeds offering great employee experience, personal wellness, of being and career growth and development.

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Cohesion Activities

D’Crypt believes team building by engaging its staff in cohesion activities, is a key to building a healthy work environment. It fosters trust, mitigates conflicts, encourages authentic communication, and increases collaboration. It lays the foundation for a thriving and positive company culture. Happy and motivated collaborative teams make culture authentic; we believe that a strong and vibrant company culture will come through in the quality of work and in the general positive vibe at the workplace.

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