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About Us

Our Story

Formed in April 2000, ST Engineering D’Crypt has established an enviable track record for innovation, reliability, and performance in discerning military, government and commercial markets. Our team have decades of experience in cryptography, network security, electronics, mechanical engineering and embedded software. We have proven our capability to turn concept into industrialized product rapidly and effectively.

We were acquired by ST Engineering Group in 2024. It is both a coming of age and an endorsement of our capability, which fuels our drive to further develop cutting-edge products and technologies and deploy them in an increasingly demanding market against increasingly dangerous threats.

CEO's Message

Welcome to ST Engineering D’Crypt!

We are a team of hard-core designers and engineers that conceptualises and delivers secure electronics products from the ground up. Our work improves (and protects) lives by designing better information security for everyone, everywhere.

Over the years, ST Engineering D’Crypt has grown bigger and has taken on more challenging and larger-scale projects. We are now key partners of both government institutions and non-government MNCs serving areas such as network security, high performance computing, contact tracing and electronics road pricing and parking. We welcome all potential partners to explore with us new possibilities. In our area of technical expertise, there is no challenge too great for us.

Our achievements would not be possible without our diverse and talented team. Our people are innovative, technically brilliant, and eager to challenge the norm to bring ST Engineering D’Crypt to greater heights. If you believe you have what it takes, we welcome you to have a chat with us. We are always hungry for talented individuals to join us.

Our future is an exciting one as digital technology advances and security threats become even greater and more difficult to counter. With our expertise, I believe ST Engineering D’Crypt can rise to the challenge and continue to deliver innovative, secure products.

Yours sincerely,

PANG Liang Teck

CEO of ST Engineering D’Crypt

Our Vision

Trusted Global Partner & Thought Leader In Innovative Secure Digital Solutions

Our Mission

Become the employer of choice for top-notch talents

Establish strong trusted partnerships in target markets

Deliver quality innovative solutions through leading-edge technologies

Provide true security to protect and enhance digital solutions