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Our Solutions & Capabilities

Defence & Security

  • Bespoke Security
  • Transparent to your infrastructure

Encryptors Business Unit aims to provide highly innovative network security to fulfil the needs of our customers. Over the last 20 years, we have provided a range of products suitable for rack-mount site-to-site links, home office or road warriors. Our products aim to be as transparent as possible to the network topology to allow easy integration into your network. We also provide customisation needed to secure your unique deployment scenarios and security requirements.

Cutting Edge Security

Our cryptographic solutions support custom algorithms, Post Quantum Cryptography and are Quantum Key Distribution ready, with encryption line speeds up to 100Gbps.

Full Turnkey

We are able to provide you with a total solution from design concept to development to production. Our design team includes electronics, FPGA, ASIC, software, and firmware experts to meet your requirements and applications using COTS or custom IC.


Be it personal devices or servers or full racks of high-performance computing, D’Crypt provides scalable systems expandable from a few users to enterprise-size requirements.

TelePort Y is a pure-hardware VPN solution that provides a virtual wire over the Internet to connect a terminal securely to the corporate network. As all cryptographic capabilities are implemented in the TelePort device, the terminals can run practically on any operating system and appears as though it is physically located in the corporate office. TelePort Y includes tamper response, anti-replay, whitelisting, centralized access control features and is based on FIPS-approved cryptographic algorithms.