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Our Solutions & Capabilities

Secure Internet Of Things

In our Secure IoT Business Unit, our engineers design and develop innovative, connected devices for solving real-world problems. The range of products include Bluetooth enabled contact-tracing solutions for COVID-19, USB data diodes for secure transfer of data across networks, and highly secure and low power portable devices for VDI access, known as Secure Computing Anywhere.


“Secure Computing Anywhere” devices are sleek, portable and powerful zero client devices for securely accessing virtual desktop infrastructure (“VDI”) and Remote Desktop Protocol (“RDP”) services hosted on enterprise data centres or in cloud. It is a better alternative to laptops, desktops, and thin / zero client devices for accessing VDI and promoting secure work-from-anywhere concept for several reason:

Low total cost of ownership per user

Fraction of a cost of typical laptop. Save on investments on additional endpoint security protection and monitoring tools.


Lightweight, pocket sized zero-client.

Enhanced data security protection

Guaranteed protection through hardware security assurance and additional layer of security for backend VDI. The devices will never be infected with ransomware and data exfiltration through the device is not possible.

Low energy consumption

Significantly low energy consumption than laptops and desktops

Deployed as an integrated solution that subscribed to zero trust principles and provides an additional layer of security to the backend VDI, the zero-client supports secure access of major VDI and RDP services.

With our expertise in hardware design, firmware development, application of Artificial Intelligence and machine Learninng technologies, D’Crypt can undertake development of bespoke and secure connected devices and solutions for variety of needs of our customers.

For more information on Secure VDI client solutions, USB data diodes, Bluetooth, and Ultra-Wide Band enabled smart wearable devices.